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There was a time when a canvas, brush, and paints were the only way to record a person's likeness. Nowadays, photography is the forefront of portraiture, and few of us have had our portraits painted. This stunning portrait was found in the basement of my grandparents' home when they moved in; good find, huh? Have you had your portrait painted?

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charlotte227 charlotte227 8 years
Yes, for our wedding. We have a beautiful 40x40 oil painting.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
No, but my husband wants to commission one of me. He want to pass it down in the family. I declined. That's just too weird.
valancyjane valancyjane 8 years
If it's a choice between getting a portrait done and a photograph, I'd choose the portrait any day - I'm either insecure or vain about my looks, depending on how you look at it, and I like that with a portrait you can improve things a bit! But no, no portraits done of me. It seems like these days it's mostly for kids. If there are portraits done of adults they hang in museums, offices, etc.
LoveSarah LoveSarah 8 years
I've always wanted to get one done of me. I couldn't really tell you why because I would never hang it up in my house, that would be way too vain even for me :)
hope2be hope2be 8 years
High school (the whole family got it), and when in junior high, I painted one of myself (school's art class assignment). I also modeled for awhile for 2 local artists and they painted 6 portraits of myself and they were on exhibition a couple years ago.
marimiau marimiau 8 years
When I was a baby, my grandma drew me. It's lovely!
j0j0y j0j0y 8 years
I had to paint a self-portrait of myself in high school! I guess that counts~ ( was awful btw)
Ellenora Ellenora 8 years
I've had a caricature done but no portrait. Even as a kid I could never sit still long enough for someone to get the paint on the paintbrush. Even today, I'm too easily distracted, bore easily and just cannot sit still! I have to be able to move around.
emalove emalove 8 years
No, and I probably never would! But I'd have one done of my kitties! Or maybe have one of my favorite wedding photos painted.
lawchick lawchick 8 years
lol thanks running :) it's for my husband for valentine's day. it's "his" dog and he's 10 years old and recently had a bad health scare. looks like he will be OK but it made us realize he might not be around much longer and we should really appreciate all the time we have with him.
Scribbit Scribbit 8 years
Yes! Enzie Shamiri at World Market Portraits painted my daughter's portrait and I love it--she does a great job!
runningesq runningesq 8 years
lawchick that's adorable :)
lawchick lawchick 8 years
Yes, as a child. It's beautifully done and hangs in my mom's dining room. Something like that would be way too formal in our house so I don't know what we'll do with it when it becomes ours someday. I just commissioned a portrait of our dog yesterday, LOL
joecer49123 joecer49123 8 years
Once. And it looked like a blind, 10 yr old crack addict painted it :IRK:
nancita nancita 8 years
When I was a kid, my mom had a portrait painted of me and my brother.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
No but I've had a caricature done, ha.
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