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Hide Your TV With a Gilded Frame

Cool Idea: Turn a TV Into Art

I like watching TV, but I don't like the way TVs look in my house, and I know I am not alone. So I'm loving this solution that New York Magazine's Wendy Goodman spied while touring Ambre Kelly's Brooklyn abode.

Kelly and her boyfriend didn't like the look of their TV, but rather than hide it, they framed it with a cheeky gilded frame. Just proves you don't have to own a flatscreen to turn your TV into a decorative item.

Photo by Wendy Goodman

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mslewis mslewis 7 years
I think it's ridiculous to "hide" a television. Why? Most everybody has one and watches it and the flat screens are actually quite beautiful. Putting a picture frame around a TV is ridiculous and kind of snobby. What, you want people to think you're too much of an "intellect" to watch TV? Silly!! And, I totally agree with skigurl, the entire room is ugly.
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 7 years
Yeah, I agree - everything about this picture just seems.... wrong. Also, the way that the TV can be seen around the edge of the frame just makes it look kind of silly and hardly hidden. I think the framed TV would be a neat idea for, say, a mounted flat-panel. Otherwise, this whole setup just reminds me of when I found my old pogs at the age of 17 and I thought it would be cute to rubber cement them around the edge of my computer monitor.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
everything about this picture makes me cringe that "art" is pathetic, the shaggy thing on the ceiling is ridiculous, the dvd player upright is tacky, the stains on the wall are disgusting, and everything just looks so cluttered tack-y
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