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Himalayan Trading Post Candle Review 2010-04-23 05:00:00

Casa Beta: Wild Rose and Oak Spice Pot Candle

If you've read any of my past candle reviews, you probably know that as much as I'm a candle fanatic, I'm also quite picky about what I light up in my home. Nevertheless, when Himalayan Trading Post sent over a couple of its candles, I was happy to give them a test run.

First up is the Small Spice Pot Candle ($23) in Wild Rose and Oak. With a dark wood finish, this spice pot has a vintage look, which is a pretty masculine appeal. It's great for gender-neutral spaces that you don't want to be too girlish. It's meant to be a replica of old teak spice pots used in rural Indian kitchens, but I'm not quite sure if it's actually teak. The pot's top is hinged and slides open and closed, which is great for keeping the dust away! Inside the pot is a metal tub that can be removed once the candle is burned and refilled so you can reuse the votive again and again. Himalayan Trading Post actually sells refill kits which you can use to repour wax — that is, if you don't have any other candles laying around the house you can salvage.

Onto the scent and burning quality. . .

This wild rose and oak candle has a subtle woodsy aroma, but the rose scent tempers the cedar and oak fragrance quite well. I don't tend to like anything that's too woodsy or too floral, but this one falls perfectly in the middle. It's not too strong, but it does have a sort of rich aroma. So I'd reserve this one for the evening. It wafts well, too! The candle is made of eco-friendly soy wax, which gives it major bonus points in my book.


Better yet, this candle is double-wicked which, as I've mentioned, is a major selling point. This ensures that the wax heats evenly, making the candle last longer. This candle in particular seems on track to burn for 40 hours. After it's finished, if I don't refill it, I think the spice pot will make a great little box for keys, matches, or other odds and ends. The price is great too, especially for a keepsake box. I definitely recommend this candle! The candle is available in a dozen or so other fragrances, many of which sound lovely to me, too. So if rose and oak aren't your thing, consider testing out some other scents.

I have another Himalayan Trading Post review coming up, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: I have a few more details about the company from the company. The box is made of mango wood, which is a sustainably harvested crop in India. The wax is soy and bees wax, which burns more slowly than petroleum based waxes and gives off less soot and pollutants.

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