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HomeMint Launch Interview: Justin Timberlake, Estee Stanley

Justin and Estee: Home Decor's Latest Power Team Tells Us What Makes HomeMint Special

Estee: "We based it on accessories because we're not doing furniture yet. We focused on rugs; I love dinnerware, I love blankets and linens. We started with the things we really love the most in the accessory world."

Justin: "I like all those things too [laughs]. We live in a world where there's so many things we're inspired by, and that are authentic to you, and we're always trying to be conscious of that message not being bastardized or misconstrued. For me it started with us just saying, 'OK, we definitely have similar tastes,' and thinking of us as curators. That's really curating, taking what you already have, and showing how to utilize it because a) the aesthetic is way more inviting and b) it's way more homey."

Justin: "It was hard to curate the first collection because you want to give it its own voice, but we wanted to incorporate everything we love."

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