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Hong Kong Architect Creates 24 Rooms Out of a 344-Square-Foot Apartment

24 Rooms in 344 Square Feet Put All of Us to Shame

Here's a post from OnSugar blog Apartmentalizing:

Oh. My. GOD! This architect in Hong Kong created 24 rooms out of a 344-sq.-ft. apartment with unbelievable sliding walls, the most creative combination of spaces, and gorgeous use of mirrors and light. I've never seen anything like this! Guy Kawasaki posted a video of it, but I've grabbed it so you can check it out here. I mean, if I could do that in NYC, I'd live like a queen!

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kurniakasih kurniakasih 7 years
The designer is right, that is the typical size for HK family. I love his design. But it takes lots of discipline to keep it up, definitely! That place is as big as my uncle's and aunt's and they raised 2 boys in that size place (well, the unmarried son still lives with them and he's 10 yrs older than I am--imagine, having your kid stay with you in that size apartment until he's 40!). So good design (and AFFORDABLE one) is totally needed in HK, especially for people with limited income... jmho.
lauren lauren 7 years
This is absolutely stunning and pure genius! I especially love the tinted windows!
leilani-s leilani-s 7 years
Fascinating! You sure couldn't leave stuff lying around all over the place, though. ;p
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 7 years
I really couldn't live this way.... but it is unbelievable and ridiculously clever! ♥
vap vap 7 years
I can't believe that was even possible...amazing!
sabs sabs 7 years
my mind was just crazy blown. that is so amazing.
TKID TKID 7 years
Awesome Architect/Designer! Thanks for share from Kawaski. Great use of space & much needed in NYC. Wonder what his build-out cost?
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