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How-To: 7 Ways to Protect Your Countertops

With all the cooking and entertaining we do during the holiday season, our countertops, along with the rest of our homes, take a beating. But, they’re pricey and tedious to replace (whether yours are Carrera marble or not) so it’s best to keep a few simple rules in mind when carving that turkey and whipping up those glasses of egg nog. First and foremost, you should follow any care instructions that came with your countertop, as each material requires different attention. To learn seven ways to protect your countertops,


  • Use coasters under any glasses or bottles holding a liquid (olive oil, vinegar, etc. included) to prevent sticky surfaces and ring marks.
  • Some countertops are more water resistant than others, such as tile, but you should always immediately wipe up spills and splashes with a clean, slightly damp cloth. The sooner, the better.
  • Use a tray or plate to rest any spoons, cooking utensils, or knifes while you’re cooking.
  • When giving your countertops a deep cleaning, avoid using abrasive solutions or materials such as steel wool and heavy duty nylon sponges. Instead, use mild dishwashing soap, a damp cloth or basic sponge, and a good dose of elbow grease.
  • When pulling a hot pot, pan, or casserole out of the oven or off the stove, always place it on a trivet or even an oven mitt if that’s all you have handy. This will prevent scratches, burn marks, and the general wearing down of your counter.
  • Whether you’re slicing a tomato or a 32-ounce steak, always use a cutting board. No exceptions!
  • Likewise, always pound your meats on a cutting board. This will prevent scratches and cracks from the mallet.


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