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How-To: Care For Succulents

Last Friday, I featured Kelly's cool succulent favors in the Weekend DIYs. Kelly wrote to me to announce that she's just opened up a shop featuring her succulent designs. I'm a huge fan of these hardy plants, and I'm also loving the designs that Kelly features at SucculentLOVE. Specializing in creating fresh, modern displays for succulents, Kelly's designs run the gamut, from rustic and pretty to modern and chic. While she's currently only selling and delivering in the Los Angeles area, she's setting up a shipping system and aims to have it in place by the end of the Summer. While succulents are low-care, they certainly aren't no-care plants. To hear Kelly's tips for taking care of succulents, 


  • Succulents would rather you ignore them than lavish them with attention. This way they'll actually grow better.
  • When the soil is completely dried out, spritz your succulent with water from a spray bottle to keep it from getting too parched.
  • Full sun is best!
  • If your succulent develops any brown leaves, simply pull them off and let the plant keep growing.
  • Give your succulent a breath of fresh air once in a while by placing it on a porch or a balcony.


Join The Conversation
NCsun48 NCsun48 8 years
I have these Succulent in a big pot outside on my back porch. I have always been told they were call Chicken and Hens. Now that I know the really name for them. I will make sure everyone that sees them. Knows the real name for them. I love this plant. I have it in a big pot. I've had it for two years now. My sister gave it to me. It was in a little pot then. This plant loves the sun. They are easy to replant anywhere. These Succulents grow like crazy.
maleea maleea 8 years
Perfect timing. I just bought one of these today and was going to google it to figure out what I needed to do to keep it alive.
hihowareya hihowareya 8 years
I was so sad when I recently put some of my plants (including some succulents) out for the summer, and then there was a sudden frost followed by lots of rain and there was no resuscitating the buddies. :( At least, however, I have several more still alive inside, since I had to divvy them up as they were overcrowding their pots. But still, when you lose plants, it can be a bit of a heartbreak. I'm hit or miss when it comes to the upkeep of plants. :-\
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
This is timely. I'm actually considering re-landscaping with succulents, and having a rock garden. Too bad SucculentLOVE seems to specialize on potted succulents. I'm more interested in landscaping with these plants.
sham28 sham28 8 years
So I never ever water it, I just spray the plant itself with a spray bottle??
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