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How-To: Cleaning a Crystal Chandelier


One should expect a crystal chandelier like this Neiman Marcus Sterling Chandelier ($1255) to shine like the top of the Chrysler building after you've purchased it, but even beauty queens need a good rinse every once in a while. Since you've invested so much in it, it's important to care for your crystal chandelier in the correct way. Think of it like child-rearing! To learn how to bring back your crystal chandelier's original sparkle,


  1. First things first. If the crystals on your light fixture are removable, gently remove them and place them on a couple layers of soft towels on a flat surface. If the crystals are different shapes and sizes, and you don't think you'll remember their order, take a digital photo of it to record it before you remove them.
  2. Then, line a bucket or your sink with a few more layers of towels and gently wash each crystal with a mixture of lukewarm water and gentle dishwashing liquid, rinse, and dry with a clean white rag. Hold each crystal into the light to make sure you haven't left any spots.
  3. Now, to clean the arms of the chandelier itself, first gently dust it once with a feather duster. Then dip a clean rag in a solution of one part hot water, one part white vinegar. Gently wipe down the arms with the cloth, wring it out, and dip it in the solution again. Repeat these three steps until it sparkles! Then, let it air dry.
  4. Next, hang the crystals back in their original places. To prevent leaving fingerprints on your freshly cleaned chandelier, use a cloth to or a pair of gloves to hang them. Fini!
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