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How-To: Finding Your Property Lines

If you're putting a fence around your property, building a deck or an addition, or planting trees, it's important to know exactly where your property lies before you begin. There are several ways to determine your property lines.

  • Many property developers drive metal pegs into the corners of each property lot, about four to five feet underground. You can locate them by scanning a metal detector around what you think are the edges of the lot; rent one from a rental store or buy one.
  • You can also hire a licensed land surveyor to survey your property and mark the corners of your lot; this is the most accurate way. You can find a local surveyor online or in the Yellow Pages.
  • Your county assessor's office likely also has maps, including subdivision plat maps, that show property dimensions for most properties. If you call your county assessor's office, you may be able determine your property lines and find monuments or property stakes using map information and measurements. Be sure to look at the most recent map, as property lines may have changed between sales, and the land itself may have changed naturally.
  • If any of your adjacent neighbors have recently determined their property lines, you can ask them or their surveyor for their property line information, to give you at least one boundary.


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macgirl macgirl 8 years
Our property line is 1/8 of an inch from making our lot a full lot and a half. If our lot was a lot and a half we would have had the right to have gone up 3 stories instead of 2. I am actually thankful as I didn't want 3 stories, but the property line thing is just so odd. The neighbor wanted to give us that 1/8 of an inch but the city wouldn't let him (thank goodness).
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 8 years
My parents got into an extremely heated and nasty disagreement with their neighbor over property the point where their brand new fence was hacked down, and over $25,000 of damage was done to their property. They were completely in the right, but the crazy neighbor was convinced otherwise. It's VERY important that you know where your property ends when you do any home improvement. It's also a good idea to have open communication with your neighbors when you're beginning a project like a new fence.
ElleJay ElleJay 8 years
I thought it was pretty funny... we live in a new subdivision and our next doors neightbors who just moved in apparently don't know what the bright pink stakes mean as they started sawing off branches from pines trees in OUR backyard.
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