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How-To: Fix a Running Toilet

A running toilet is one household nuisance that we'll all encounter a handful of times in our lives (at least). It's a headache-inducing pain-in-the-butt, and a serious water waster (like Lance Armstrong), but it's not a destitute situation. You can actually fix your running toilet without calling in a plumber, or your man, and it won't take much time. If you couldn't fix it by yourself before, I have some instructions to help you out. For this task, you'll need an interchangeable screwdriver and a toilet repair kit. To learn the steps,


Here's how, from Barbara K!:

  1. First, remove the toilet lid and check to see if the rod or chain attached to the stopper is twisted, eroding, or has any buildup that's keeping the stopper from sealing properly.
  2. Now, lift up the float ball, and see if it stops the water from running. If so, bend its arm so the ball is buoyant. If not, unscrew the float ball and replace it with a new one.
  3. If your toilet is still running, there's probably some build-up keeping the stopper from sealing properly. So, check the flush valve and seat for damage, and replace the stopper and valve if they're broken.
  4. With one of these steps, your toilet should now refill and stay full. If not, call in a professional!


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KrisSugar KrisSugar 8 years
thanks! I've been messing with these parts, but next time I'll check the stopper again. Maybe that's the problem! My bigger problem is that little tube that shoots the water into the tank. You know how it clips onto something in there. Well, every now and then I guess the water pressure is really strong, so it dislodges the clip and the hose pops up. Sure enough, next time the toilet won't stop running, I innocently go in there, take the lid off, and get shot in the face with water. It's really awesome at like, 6am! :)
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