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How-To: Frosted Glass Stenciling

Craftynest recently gave a makeover to her antique wooden bookcase, and the topping on the cake was a frosted stencil on its glass doors. If you've got a glass cabinet, vase, or even a mirror in need of a little facelift, you can easily recreate this look with a few supplies. All you'll need to repeat this project is glass cleaner, paper towels, a craft knife, a wet erase marker, contact paper, a large stencil, and Krylon Frosted Glass Finish in white. To learn the steps,


  1. Clean the glass well with your glass cleaner, and wipe it down with a paper towel or rag.
  2. Peel a few inches off of the contact paper and stick it to the edge of the glass, and smooth it down. Unroll a few more inches at a time, and continue to peel. Make sure you burnish out any bubbles.
  3. Make sure there are no open spaces on the edge of the frame.
  4. After you've chosen your stencil, trace the pattern onto the contact paper with the wet erase marker. Repeat, if desired.
  5. Use your craft knife (try an X-acto knife), cut the outline of the stencil on the contact paper.
  6. Then, use the tip of the knife to lift the pieces of the cut pattern.
  7. Wipe off the excess marker with a paper towel. Use the glass cleaner if necessary.
  8. Shake the can of the glass finish. Spray it on the stenciled (i.e. no contact paper) portions of the glass from 10 to 12 inches away in a side-to-side motion. Let dry and spray another coat.
  9. Let dry, and then peel off the contact paper. Fini!

For photos and more details, check out Craftynest.

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