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It's not even the holidays and I already have house guests. Fruit flies. They've taken over my kitchen, and as much as I clean and toss out my produce, they continue to return. They're no doubt laying eggs somewhere. Gross. But thankfully I've found a quick solution for zapping those little buggers that uses household supplies, and doesn't require any toxic pesticides. To hear the steps,


Here's how, from Susie J:

  1. Fill a narrow-necked bottle (try a Corona or Cuervo) with a bit of apple cider vinegar, banana, bread, or red wine. This will act as bait, and they will fly in.
  2. Around the top of the bottle, and inside the neck, rub some liquid dish soap, honey, or vegetable oil. This will prevent the flies from making their way out, as it will be too slippery and sticky.
  3. Leave the bottle for a couple hours, and you should have trapped the flies.
  4. Microwave the bottle to kill any eggs they may have dropped. Make sure there is no metal on the bottle.
  5. Repeat until all the flies are gone.


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