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How-To: Hospital Corners

It's time to put a stop to sloppily made beds and have yours looking so fresh and so clean. Get your hands on a sheet and a mattress to begin, and then learn the steps when you,


  1. Stand next to your bed and hold the long end (the one without a trim or hem) of your sheet with both hands.
  2. Flip out the sheet over the bed, so it billows and spreads over your mattress. Make sure it hangs evenly over all sides of the mattress. The long edges should be parallel to the floor, hanging below the bottom of the mattress.
  3. Snug the short end of the sheet under the end of the mattress, making sure it lies smoothly between the box spring and mattress.
  4. Go to the other (short) end of the bed, and pull the sheet taut. Repeat step 3, maintaining tension in the sheet.
  5. Go back to the long side of the bed and tuck the edge of the sheet under your mattress, creating a vertical fold.
  6. Go to the opposite of the bed and repeat step 5. Tug firmly to make the surface taut.
  7. Presto! Hospital corners.


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