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How-To: Insulate Your Water Heater

Even though we've already wrapped up (har har) House Warming month, I thought I'd show you how to insulate your water heater. After all, Winter's still ahead of us, as are those expensive heating bills. This project improves your hot water efficiency by keeping water in the pipes warmer, delivering hotter water when you run the hot faucet. This way, you're effectively wasting less water since the tap isn't running tepid water when you want hot water.

It's a really easy task, and you'll be able to find the supplies needed at your local hardware store. Make sure to read the manual that goes with your water heater, though, because some manufacturers preclude insulating their heaters. You should also be particularly cautious if you have a gas heater, as it could cause a fire. To learn the steps,



  • Water heater insulation kit
  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife

Here are the steps, from

  1. To install the top piece, cut across the top insulation piece wherever necessary to make it fit using the utility knife.
  2. Then, tape the piece in place, making sure not to block the draft diverter if you have a gas heater.
  3. To insulate the sides, wrap them with the larger insulation blanket and secure it with tape to the water heater. Secure the seams with tape as well.
  4. Now, cut holes to reveal the water heater's controls and the drains. And, if you have a gas heater, make sure the blanket is clear of the air intake and burner area also. Fini!


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