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Over the holidays, some of my friends housesat for us for a few days. When I have someone stay at my house, I try to make it as tidy and welcoming as possible, and one of my go-to tasks is tidying and cleaning the flatware drawer. It's rather disconcerting, in my opinion, to open a drawer, looking for a spoon for your ice cream, and find yourself staring at a messy and crumb-filled flatware drawer.

To see my tips for keeping your flatware drawer tidy,


  1. Start by purging your drawer of all mismatched, mangled, or shabby-looking silverware. Send any decent, but mismatched, silver to a local thrift shop or charity.
  2. Remove any non-silverware items from the drawer. Measuring cups, spatulas, and other kitchen utensils should be placed in a separate drawer or container.
  3. Take out all silverware and give it a good rub-down with this non-toxic polish.
  4. Take out the drawer and clean it thoroughly, removing any spills or stains.
  5. Replace everything and enjoy your newly organized drawer!
Join The Conversation
Shandar22 Shandar22 8 years
Thank you Lizs and Verily for the information. I will definitely get to work on organizing my drawer now.
verily verily 8 years
The Container Store sells kits where you can create your own organizer. It's essentially a bunch of clear hard plastic panels that you can cut to size and assemble with some special holders. I used this for my apartment kitchen, which had some seriously narrow drawers. When I moved out, I was able to pop them out and only did a minimal amount of paint damage to the drawer (easily solved with some paint...I didn't even bother and didn't get charged for it).
lizs lizs 8 years
Shandar, there are individual baskets that you can buy at places like Ikea, the Container Store or Bed Bath and Beyond (or even Target). Since you are choosing each compartment, you can arrange the baskets in a way that will fit your drawer and your silverware. (I did this for a long time in an apartment with very narrow drawers - now we use the baskets to keep things like measuring spoons in place in the big catch-all cooking utensil drawer.)
skigurl skigurl 8 years
i second that motion, Casa - dirty flatware drawers are totally gross we were snowed in at my aunt and uncle's house while they were snowed in elsewhere, so we were in their home alone...she kept calling and apologizing that her vaccuuming wasn't done, but all i could focus on was how gross her silverware drawer was (crumbs and spills...the mismatched flatware didn't bug me as much as the actual dirt)....i didn't notice one other thing in that house that grossed me out, and i've always been very comfortable there, but that drawer made me think differently about her cleanliness, so this is a great tip!
Shandar22 Shandar22 8 years
What do you suggest for a drawer that I cannot find any utensil holder that will fit???
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