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How-To: Keep Your Stovetop Clean

One of my biggest pet peeves in my kitchen is a dirty stovetop. If you cook regularly, it's often hard to avoid spills and stains on the shiny surface of your stove. However, if you can keep up a regular regimen of cleaning it after you cook, you can ward off deeper cleaning sessions that may take an hour or more. Check out my tips below for keeping your stovetop clean.

  1. Reserve one sponge (preferably with a soft side and an abrasive side) for stove cleaning. Every time you cook, get in the habit of cleaning your stovetop with some soapy water and the sponge after you've done the dishes and cleaned the counter. This will help to prevent crud buildup.
  2. Every time that you have a bubbling or dripping pot sully your burners, clean the burners immediately after they have cooled down.
  3. For trays and removable burners, pop them in the dishwasher.

If your stove is already dirty, find out about my favorite way of getting it clean when you


I'm a big fan of using baking soda for stubborn stuck-on crud and stains. Simply sprinkle it onto the dirty bits and then wipe off with a wet sponge or cloth. For truly stubborn stains, use a more abrasive sponge, but be careful not to scratch the surface with it. I also sometimes use a vinegar spray, which reacts with the baking soda and helps to banish the stains.

Tell me, what are your secret weapons when it comes to cleaning a stovetop?

Source: Flickr User ILoveButter

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