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How-To: Rearranging a Room

If, like me, you were inspired by the Real Simple article on rearranging rooms, then read ahead for some advice on how to get the most from your rearrangement!

Some Things to Think About When Rearranging

  • Don't be afraid to switch things up. Steal a bedside lamp and use it for a side table in your living room. Put beloved photos hidden away in a spare bedroom on display in the foyer.
  • Take a look at your space as if you were a guest coming in for the first time. What seems out of place? What doesn't flow? What makes you feel uncomfortable? With that in mind, brainstorm ways to fix it.
  • For more ideas,


  • Show off your best assets. Do you have a gorgeous hardwood floor? Then get rid of the room-size rug that's obscuring it! Do you have a beautiful view? Then make sure there's seating available to drink it in.
  • Keep it simple, smartie! If you're trying too hard with your décor, you may be missing the main idea — creating an accessible and comfortable space for people to gather and enjoy each other's company. Keep your own and your family's and guests' comfort in mind when you rearrange.
  • Try to erase preconceived ideas about where everything "belongs." You may be surprised by the results!

  • Welcome happy accidents. When I rearranged my office, I broke the frame on a screenprint. Instead of tossing out the print or reframing it, I created a new "art piece" by covering the print with a piece of stenciled wood (which was magically the same size as the print) left over from a laser-cut bird mobile I'd bought months ago.

  • Have fun! Rearranging a room can open it — and you — up to new possibilities. It's funny how small changes can make a huge difference.


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