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How-To: Removing Tea and Coffee Stains From Cups

I like to collect coffee mugs from all the previous incarnations of myself (jobs, vacations). But you might have noticed that tea and coffee tend to leave not-so-pretty stains on ceramic cups. So, I wind up with a lot to clean. Luckily, it's actually fairly simply to whiten my collection, and the task doesn't require a big smelly jug of Clorox.

Just fill the tainted cup with warm water and drop in a denture-cleaning tablet like Fixodent. Once the tablet stops fizzing, it will be whitened, and the tablet will also kill away bacteria. Want your toilet bowl to sparkle too? The tablet works on porcelain toilets too; just drop it in, let it fizz, and flush! Don't have denture tablets around? You can also use white vinegar to do the trick!


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xtsr xtsr 8 years
Great idea! Thanks so much!
soulight soulight 8 years
What a great tip. I definitely have no excuse not to use it.
Amethyst Amethyst 8 years
I didn't know this - great tip. I have a few coffee & tea stained mugs at home. Thanks!
SweetnLow SweetnLow 8 years
I use this! (I learned it while working in a pharmacy- it's what we used to clean mortars.) For the toilet I find you need three to five (depending on water level.)
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