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How-To: Spring Clean Your Bedroom

Have you started your Spring cleaning yet? If not, you can get inspired with my Spring Cleaning Checklist, which you can download and print out. The PDF lists cleaning and organizing duties room by room, to keep things simple. I thought I'd expand on some of those tasks to help you get the most out of your Spring cleaning routine.

To see my tips for cleaning your bedroom,


  • Dust ceiling, vents, fans, shelves, lamps, and corners with a feather duster. Make sure your feather duster is made from ostrich feathers, though! Feather dusters that aren't made from ostrich feathers won't pick up the dust.
  • Wipe down your tabletops, baseboards, windowsills, TV, and other gadgets with a microfiber cloth. You can make a furniture polish to really put a shine on everything.
  • Spray your mirror, windows, and glass frames with glass cleaner and wipe it off. Or, you can spray them with a vinegar and water solution and wipe them off with newspaper to really make them sparkle.
  • Dry clean your drapery, slipcovers, and any delicate bedding you have. You can download a list of eco-friendly dry cleaners at the EPA's website.
  • Wash your bedding, mattress pad, and bed skirt with a homemade eco-friendly detergent on a cool setting. If you've got stains to conquer, check out this bleach alternative.
  • Clean your floors by sweeping and mopping them or vacuuming them. Learn to make an herbal carpet cleaner, and if your rugs or carpets are stinky, make a rug deodorizer.
  • Tidy your books and accessories. Try a new way of organizing your books, like color coordinating them. When in doubt about arranging accessories or artwork, arrange in threes.
  • Flip your mattress horizontally and vertically to keep the wear even.


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drgethefbt drgethefbt 7 years
That wallpaper thing is strange!Webowner- <a href="">pass my drug test</a>
drgethefbt drgethefbt 7 years
That wallpaper thing is strange! Webowner- pass my drug test
Ellie-Yeah Ellie-Yeah 8 years
Thank you. I'm going to start this all today and forgot about the changing around the mattress. Interesting about the ostrich feathers x
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Thanks Casa.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Thanks Casa.
Lala0 Lala0 8 years
This was exactly what I was looking for today! Thanks!
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