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I've always loved the Bruno Rainaldi Sapien Bookcase ($198-298) — and its impersonators. The design isn't particularly innovative, but somehow books just look more fresh to me stored vertically. It's space-saving, too.

I began stacking my books about a year ago I guess, and I've ended up with a very, very tall stack that certainly gives the Sapien a run for its money. Lately, picking a new read is a bit like playing a game of Jenga. But it's worth it because I love the way it looks, and it seems to baffle my guests.

There is a science to it, though. The stack wouldn't stand were it not for the very hefty book my sister gave me at the base, Phaidon's 30,000 Years of Art — thanks! You must stack them from the bottom up descending in width. But, if any book is wide but not very deep (i.e. a Zagat Guide), it should be saved for the top. If you have a wide book that is deep, but is very thin, you should either stack it between two thicker books of similar widths and depths, or just don't stack it at all. It's all hard to grasp until you've played around with your volumes, but it'll make sense once you do.

readsbookswithpages readsbookswithpages 5 years
I've stacked books for years, either to display stuff, or to raise table lamps on end tables. I even glue them all together to make end tables out of date hard cover text books. If you glue the bottom large hard cover to a piece of plywood painted either to match or contrast your carpeting, stacks will be more stable and less apt to topple over.
Hex Hex 7 years
I did this with about thirty of my books, stacked them on top of a "bookshelf" that is full to bursting with our DVD collection. The books are grouped them mostly by color (reds, browns, black and an odd orange) topped the stack off with an adorable little gargoyle I picked up at the dollar store this past Halloween. Problem is - Still have about two hundred books and not a lot of space. Getting rid of them isn't the ideal option since they were my father's.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
Just stacking them would never work for me... I look at them too much... but I love these book cases.
jessy777 jessy777 7 years
I do this with my books but I have so many that is beginning to look cluttered. I am trying to think of another option because I am not a fan of bookcases.
lazybones101 lazybones101 7 years
I am going to try this. It looks fun if not cute.
ashleepaigex ashleepaigex 7 years
I saw these about a week ago, and I really love it<3
vankunder vankunder 7 years
Love this. I have a hard time parting with my books and have really collected a fierce haul over the years - I'm trying this when I get home. Though I doubt it will work as well on carpet.
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