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Currently, this is my favorite spot in my house. However, before I moved this chair into the corner, our giant television, which sat on an equally imposing Tansu chest, took up this entire area, and basically obscured the window. These tall, thin windows, which flank either side of our fireplace, are a lovely architectural feature, and I was, frankly, horrified that they'd been covered up by a television.

However, my husband was adamant that the television belonged in the living room. That is, he was adamant on this point until he came home one evening to find that the television had magically moved to the study. And guess what? Now he's adamant that the study is the best home for the television. While I don't advocate secret rearrangements, I do feel that if you're convinced of the advantages of your vision for the space, sometimes it's worth a mini battle (especially if you're certain of the outcome, as I was). With that in mind, I wanted to outline some ideas for taking advantage of a room's corner space. To see some of my thoughts,


  • Decide what you want to use the corner space for. Storage? A reading nook? A mini art gallery? After you've decided what purpose the space will serve, make a list of what items will help the corner to reach its decorating potential.
  • According to feng shui, the Chinese art of arranging objects, furniture, and homes to create the best flow of energy, corners are said to create "secret arrows," which can cause anxiousness. Whether or not you believe in feng shui, corners can be rather harsh points in a room, and it's best to soften them. One easy way to do so is with plants, which I've done in my reading corner.
  • When using plants, use plant stands to create varying heights for the foliage.
  • If you're interested in using your corner to display objects, such as a dish collection, small art objects, or photos, invest in a corner shelf unit. I'm definitely a fan of the Harmony Media Unit, which provides media storage as well as a place for either displaying mementos or placing your flatscreen.
  • Another option is to use this area for seating. The Mellow Corner Sectional from CB2 is a great, affordable option.
  • Further soften your corner with textiles. My modern-looking armchair looked too staid and stuffy, in my opinion. By draping a vintage patchwork quilt over the back, it encourages residents to curl up with a good book, and tuck their legs under the colorful quilt.
  • Give it some light. If you're displaying art, or using this corner for a reading nook, make sure that you have a lamp to cast some light on the subject.
sgdish sgdish 9 years
Looks inviting...
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
What a cute nook... :)
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