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How-To: Clean Your Coffee Pot

When it comes to eco-friendly housecleaning, white vinegar is like a magic potion, capable of cleaning everything from your washing machine to your mirrors. It's also the perfect solution to cleaning your coffee pot.

Since you use your coffee pot often — maybe every day — and always for the same thing, it's easy to overlook cleaning it, but ideally, you should flush it out about once a month. Though I get around to this task far less often, a thorough cleaning will leave your coffee pot gleaming and your cup of Joe much tastier. Find out how.

  1. First, wash the removable components (carafe, lid, filter basket) with warm water and soap. Let the components dry and replace the filter basket.
  2. Using an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner, spray the exterior of the coffee pot and the carafe platform and give it a good wipe down.
  3. Next, fill the carafe with one part white vinegar and two parts water. Pour it into the reservoir, put the lid on the carafe, and set up the carafe as if you are making coffee.
  4. Turn on the coffee pot and "brew" the vinegar/water mixture. When it's done, turn off the coffee maker and let the mixture sit in the carafe for about 15 minutes.
  5. Rinse the carafe with cold water then fill it up again, this time with just water. Fill the reservoir and run the brewing cycle again to flush out the vinegar.
  6. Repeat step five, then rinse the carafe again with water.

Finito! See how easy that is? Admittedly, the vinegar brewing process will make your kitchen smell like pickles for a while, but the cleanse will make your coffee taste so much yummier.

I <3 Vinegar.. & coffee! Lol
ChicEvents ChicEvents 7 years
I love this tip... here's a side note I learned by trial and error. I cleaned my coffee pot with vinegar a couple years ago and forgot to take out the water filter (I have a newer pot and it's a small piece so I didn't really think about it) It took me several vinegar flavored pots of coffee to realize that the water filter had soaked up the vinegar and had to be replaced.
Home Home 7 years
I would assume so! Water and vinegar are pretty harmless!
ella1978 ella1978 7 years
I've always used ice, salt and water to clean my coffee pot. Learned it years ago working at Wendy's! It works like a charm.
bibliophile bibliophile 7 years
Thanks for the tip! Could the same be done to a tea kettle and tea pot?
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