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5 Essentials For Creating a Crafting Corner You'll Love (and Use!)

Given the popularity of DIY projects on the site, it's safe to say that a fair number of readers are dedicated do-it-yourselfers. Be that as it may, the majority of us don't have a dedicated room within which to craft. That means we have to carve out a small corner of our home for tackling projects. Often these spaces are less than ideal, and many times have to be boxed up and put away after a few hours of work.

My challenge — to myself, and to readers — is to try to dedicate a corner for your crafting or sewing projects. Even if space is limited, the addition of a small desk to a corner of a room may be all you need to encourage your creativity. Take a look at my list of essentials for making it happen.

  1. Find a workspace that works for you and your home. Add a desk to an office or den, or try putting a vanity or small parsons table in your bedroom. Experiment with room arrangements to make everything fit.
  2. Add storage that can exist outside of a closet. Can your projects be stored in pretty bins on a bookshelf close to your crafting corner? How about in an ottoman? Better yet, choose a desk with capacious drawers that can house your projects.
  3. Don't forget task lighting. A table or floor lamp that can be integrated into the corner is a must for avoiding eye strain and mistakes in your work.
  4. Use an inspiration board as artwork. Talk about double-tasking — a pretty inspiration board can work well in place of a painting. Not convinced? Check out the one in this photo.
  5. Make the space somewhere you actually want to be in. That means making it pretty. Take advantage of the natural view and light that a window might provide, and add some of your favorite things to the space, from a vase of flowers to an iPod dock playing a mix of your best-loved songs.

What makes your list of must-have elements in a crafting corner? Have you created one already? If not, what would you add to yours?


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