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How to Create a Relaxation Space in Your Home

How to Create a Sweet Retreat in Your Home

Having a space in your home dedicated for relaxation can give you a great sense of comfort and grounding at the end of a long day. Maybe you can only dedicate a small corner of your apartment, or perhaps you have a whole room to spare, but you don't have a be a feng shui master or practice meditation daily to deserve a spot in your home that's a sweet escape from everyday life. Whether you want a place to curl up with some music and a good book, or you want to Zen out part of your home office, take these tips to heart when creating a sweet retreat in your home.

  • Choose a spot that feels good to you. Maybe there's a really beautiful view from that corner window, or it gets especially warm in that nook. Make sure the place you relax is actually someplace you could picture yourself relaxing.
  • Play with color. Hopefully, your apartment is already home to a color scheme you find soothing, but your retreat should take it to a whole new level. Think cool colors, lush fabrics, and cozy blankets. And try not to immediately fall asleep once you plop down.
  • Make it distinctively yours. Surround yourself with images of things that inspire you and pictures of the people you love. Don't feel pressured to get this all done in one day. Take time to consider what's really important and what you want around you in your special space.
  • Bring the outdoors in. Bringing a little green into your retreat will connect you to nature and warm things up. It's really unbelievable what a difference some fresh flowers or a small potted plant can make to your mood.
  • Make a point to sit there every day. Relish the time you have for yourself, and get into a routine of hanging out in your spot alone every day, even if it's just for 10 minutes. After all, a 10-minute vacation is better than no vacation at all.

Do you have a spot in your home that's distinctively yours? Share a photo in the Su Casa group, and we may feature it on the site!

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