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Three Unique Alternatives For Decorating Above the Bed

I'm often momentarily swayed by a gorgeous photo of a large-scale painting above a bed, or a series of framed black-and-white photographs. Then I remember that I live in earthquake country. And even if I didn't, I wouldn't want a hard, heavy object directly over my bed. Even the best hanging devices occasionally break, and getting hit upside the head with a pointy, acrylic-on-wood artwork isn't a nice way to wake up by any stretch of the imagination.

For those of us who live in earthquake zones — and it seems that due to fracking, many more of us now are — or who just prefer something a little softer above our sleepy heads, here are three alternatives to heavy photos or artwork above your headboard.

Paint a Mural

Want artwork without the frames, glass, or sharp corners? Apply paint directly to your wall. Hire a local mural artist to paint a unique, commissioned design for your bedroom, or head to a local craft store to pick up stencils and DIY the project yourself.

Keep reading for two more ideas for decorating above the bed.

Try Suzanis and Other Vibrant Textiles


Featured on Design Sponge, Paige Morse's lovely daybed is piled high with a mix of kantha cloths and embroidered pillows, while a gorgeous suzani is hung on the wall. Look to suzanis, African mudcloths, kantha cloths, and other beautiful textiles as alternative art pieces above your bed.

Provide Living Art With Sculptural Plants

Thanks to a clever holder designed by Flora Grubb, you can "float" tillandsia above your bed for a living sculpture effect. These Thigmotrope Satellites ($79 for a set of 3) are the perfect tools for creating your earthquake-safe, living artwork for your bedroom. These steel holders were designed by Flora Grubb and Seth Boor and are exclusive to Flora Grubb Gardens. Made in the San Francisco Bay Area, they're designed to be screwed into a wall and hold tillandsia, also known as air plants. Pick a variety of tillandsia to create your favorite look, or buy several sets of the Thigmotrope Satellites to really make a major statement.

Do you have an unusual idea for decorating above the bed? Share it in the comments!


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