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How to Decorate With an Exercise Ball

No Shame in Your Game: Embracing an Exercise Ball in Your Decor

For even the most casual of home-workout enthusiasts, an exercise ball is a fact of life — and of home decor. If you're going to regularly use one, you need to keep it inflated and in your living space. Stashing it in the garage or basement only discourages you from using it, but all too often these giant balls simply look inappropriate when paired with your decor. The good news is that even if it requires a little creativity, integrating an exercise ball into your decorating scheme is absolutely possible (and even pretty).

Take, for instance, this photo of actress Krysten Ritter's living room, featured a few years back on The Selby. Ritter's delightfully bohemian style blends a Rapson-lookalike webbed armchair with oversized art and a vintage printed sofa. Look closely though — tucked in the background against the wall is an exercise ball.

The exercise ball lends a realness to the room that reflects the actress's fashionable yet casual style. To make this look work in your home, use an exercise ball that doesn't clash dramatically with the rest of your decor. Find an unobtrusive resting spot for it in between home workouts and, most importantly, never apologize for its presence in your house.

Want to see another totally different approach? Keep clicking to discover another way to decorate with an exercise ball.

Minimalist, girlie, and fun — what's not to love about this office nook? The white exercise ball was carefully chosen to reflect the very deliberate color scheme in the room.

In this case, the exercise ball works in this decorating scheme because it's absolutely essential to the room. Instead of an office chair, this decorator has chosen the exercise ball for her seat of choice — and for good reason. Sitting on an exercise ball will help to strengthen your core and improve your posture. It's also a great choice for small office spaces, since it can be tucked completely under a desk.

Do you choose to keep your exercise ball out in the open at your house? What's your scheme for making it look great in your home?

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