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Everything You Need to Consider When Decorating an Entryway

Entryways tend to be smaller, but that doesn't make them any less important — after all, the foyer is a guest's first impression of your home. For that reason, it's worth your time to design an entryway that nicely reflects your style. Not sure where to start? Follow these quick tips to create a foyer that's both functional and well-decorated year-round:

  • Go with a statement piece. The easiest way to have a major impact is to choose a unique focal point that visitors will notice right away. A gorgeous mirror is a practical pick, since it allows you to have one last look-over before walking out the door. Other ideas include a large work of art, a striking armoire, or a colorful chair.
  • Consider your storage options. Are you regularly grabbing keys, hats, or gloves as you leave? Choose a piece of furniture that suits your habits, whether that's a tall chest of drawers or a tiny table to hold your essentials. If you live in a climate with four seasons, think about your Winter storage needs before making any purchases.
  • Don't forget seating. A chair of some kind is crucial for practical reasons — putting on shoes, waiting guests — but don't choose just any chair: pick one that embodies your personal style. Since there's little else to coordinate with, this is a great place to indulge your creativity and buy a chair that perfectly represents your taste.
  • Set the mood with lighting. A chandelier strikes a much different note than, say, a table lamp. Since you're dealing with a smaller space, every piece of furniture matters, so pick one that says something. For a fun, eclectic look, try a stark contrast, like a gold, contemporary floor lamp with a rustic wooden table.
  • Leave space for extras. Don't crowd your foyer with unnecessary knickknacks because you'll need that space for all those random items that you end up tossing aside as soon as you walk in. Prevent a mess before it starts by leaving ample room for everyday accessories.
  • Make simple seasonal swaps. As the months change, so does your decor. The easiest, neatest way to transition your entryway? Rather than adding to the space, trade pieces — one in, one out. Some examples: a Winter boot tray, a Spring umbrella rack, or a Summer picnic basket. That way you don't have to add extra clutter, just exchange your pieces for other, more seasonally appropriate items.

Do you have any tips for decorating a foyer? Share them in the comments!


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