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How Do You Stay Sane While Apartment Hunting?

Just saying the words "apartment hunting" may send shivers down your back. It can be a frustrating roller coaster of emotions, with elation often followed by letdown as you realize Craigslist photos can be misleading, landlords and realtors can be less than truthful, and good places are often snagged fast. And you have to choose your priorities amongst numerous factors including square footage, price, location, and the building's age. Then there's the stress of filling out applications and obtaining credit reports. The entire process can be overwhelming and headache-inducing.

I've found that staying organized and having copies on hand of all my application information, my credit report, etc., helps immensely, but all the preparation in the world can't shield you from unexpected snags in your plans. I want to know, how do you handle the stress of apartment hunting? Any good tips you can share with fellow renters?

Source: Flickr User Allan Ferguson

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