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How to Hang Christmas Tree String Lights

How to Hang Your Christmas Tree Lights

The Christmas tree may be an international icon, but you'd be surprised by how many people don't know how to hang lights on one. If you love watching the Rockefeller Center tree lighting and idolize Buddy the Elf because of his holiday decorating skills, here are a few tips so you can join in on the fun and light your tree like a pro!

  1. Begin with a bare, undecorated Christmas tree that is seated firmly in its tree stand.
  2. Plug your string lights — which had better be LED lights — into an outlet to make sure they work before you get started. If they do not light, first make sure that none of the bulbs are broken. If so, replace the bulbs. If no bulbs are broken, you'll need to replace the fuse in the fuse panel on the pronged accessory plug. That should do it!
  3. Begin at the base of the tree and work your way to the top by weaving your string lights over and under the branches alternately as you go across.
  4. When you reach the rear top of the tree, if there is any spare cord left, leave enough for the string lights to reach your electric outlet. If not, use an extension cord to plug them in. If you run out of string lights midway, simply plug an additional set of string lights into your first one.
  5. Plug your lights in your nearest outlet, step back from the tree, and see how they look! If the lights need adjustments, unplug them from the outlet, and then make changes.
  6. Unattended, lit trees are a serious fire hazard — especially dry, brittle ones. So always be sure to unplug your lights before you go to bed and before you leave the house.

Source: Style Me Pretty

limelindsey limelindsey 6 years
I always start from the top as well. Then the plug is at the bottom of the tree! But whatever works for you...
Ellenora Ellenora 6 years
@lizlee89 I used to string them from the bottom because my artificial tree used to be nearly six feet tall. We still had an extension chord on the bottom (I plugged the first string into the extension plug), but I always noticed I used fewer strings of lights when I started at the bottom and still have a light-festic (as my family says) tree. It seemed easier for me (the shortie) to start at the bottom and let my dad do the top when I was old enough to do the lights. I'm 5'2.5" and my dad's 6'2.5" It just made sense to go from the bottom. I did go from the top several times (with the help of a chair). You can do it, but once I did end up with half a light strain on the floor and when you have a dog (especially a terrier), that's not a good idea. I had to undo all my work and start from the bottom!
lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
Why would you start stringing the lights from the bottom and then have the chord hanging down? I always start from the top that way the chord can go along the floor and plug into the wall or extension chord. Am I the only one that thinks the other way makes no sense at all? I agree with Ellenora, why are you acting like LED lights are the only option?I don't use LED lights and I have never had any problems. If you want to encourage their use because of their eco-friendliness, fine, but don't try to bully people with your opinion...
Ellenora Ellenora 6 years
*You could have put "consider LED lights."
Ellenora Ellenora 6 years
I know this might sound rather sensitive, but I don't like that you put "which had better be LED lights." Some people can't use LED lights. LED lights have been proven to set off seizures with those that have seizure disorders like Epilepsy and even migraines with those that have migraine disorders. In my house, we do have a pre-lighted tree with LED lights, but it comes at a horrible, horrible cost. For the first two to four days days, I have horrible migraines due to my migraine disorder. We know they aren't seizures now (I'm Epileptic as well) because I take a seizure medication. Please have a bit of sensitivity. Not all of us can use LEDs or florescent lightbulbs because of these disorders.
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