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How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather Tips

Hot Summer, Cool Casa: 10 Ways to Survive a Heat Wave in Style

A major heat wave is hitting New York City for the next five days, with temperatures predicted to be the some of the highest in the country. Whether you live somewhere in the five boroughs or elsewhere in the country, chances are good that you'll have to deal with similar soaring temperatures at some point this Summer. The trick is to keep comfortable on hot Summer days while keeping things stylish as well. Check out our top 10 tips for keeping your decor cool as a cucumber this Summer.

  • Even if you live in an apartment, seek out the best spots to catch a breeze or cool off. Your rooftop, a fire escape, or front stoop may all be great options. If it's safe, add a chaise or table and chairs to the area so you'll be drawn to the space in hot weather.
  • Keep a portable bag of hot-weather supplies handy — that way you can tote it to your rooftop or fire escape on a moment's notice. Must have item in your bag? A parasol. Choose a beautiful one and it can double as decor when you're not using it to shade yourself. We adore this Chandelier Mandala Parasol ($75).
  • As for that folding chair, we recommend one of Gallant and Jones's deck chairs. They're extremely portable and chic to boot.
  • Don't despair about the heat — if you can't beat it, join it! Throw a party in your backyard or local park with sprinklers, water balloons, and icy drinks. To up the fun factor, hang a Loll Swing ($225) from the rafters or a nearby tree.
  • Take advantage of the hot weather by planting flowers, herbs, and edibles on your stoop, fire escape, or patio. The hot temperatures will allow plants to grow quickly, and having a lush green space will help you remember that the hot temperatures do have some advantages. We love the idea of cultivating a cocktail garden for garnishing your favorite Summer drinks.
  • Keep clicking for five more tips for keeping your space cool and stylish in a heat wave.

  • If you're lucky enough to have a swimming pool at your home, make the pool and patio space the place to be for the next few days. Now may be the time to invest in new outdoor furniture and decor. The lovely sofa pictured above is the Angle Sofa ($5,000).
  • Shade is your friend. Close curtains indoors, especially western-facing windows that get a lot of late-afternoon sun. Our favorite technique? Layering wooden blinds with a chic panel curtain, like the Quarter Color Curtain ($98 to $128).
  • Stock up on fresh lemons and limes and use them for centerpieces in your living room or dining room. Added bonus? You have plenty on hand for fresh lemonade or gin gimlets.
  • Roll up heavy wool rugs and store them until the Fall season. Let wood floors go bare or use a white cotton or sisal rug.
  • A ceiling fan may be just the thing for helping you cool off at night. Just make sure to keep it design-forward — the Restoration Hardware Riverside Hills Fan ($330) is a great choice.

Photos courtesy Design Within Reach

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