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How to Make an American Horror Story-Themed Haunted House

You don't have to be familiar with FX's scary series American Horror Story to create a fantastically frightening AHS-themed haunted house! The show's new season just started up, but there's plenty of inspiration to pull from the last three seasons! Here's our room-to-room guide for turning your home into the ultimate American Horror Story Halloween haven.

Murder House: The Living Room

Season one is all about ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Deck out your living room with Renaissance-style furniture, antiques, and paintings of people who may or may not be your ancestors. Make sure the lighting is low, and light tall, drippy candles. You may want to be dressed up in a French maid outfit to welcome guests to your home before directing their attention to the ominous, old-school baby carriage facing the corner. If you have some red-headed twin boys in the neighborhood, see if they'll take five bucks each to run around the room all night. The final key detail? Throw a black rubber bodysuit over the couch.

Asylum: The Bathroom and the Bedroom

The mental institution-themed Aslyum has a couple of great themes to draw from. The first thing to keep in mind is that your bathroom and bedroom are now part of a 1950s mental institution. Snag as many old medical devices as you can find and toss them around your now-filthy bathroom. But don't use anything too dangerous; the best haunted houses are ones that people can interact with. As for the bedroom, minimal is better: just have a bed with dirty sheets and belts that look like bonds on it. The second thing to remember is that this asylum is run by nuns, so put crosses up on the walls and have a friend dress like a nun, a priest, or a scientist with a bow tie.


Coven: The Attic

Coven has plenty of eery details to be inspired by. The school for witches is neat, but Madame LaLaurie's extravagant New Orleans home is much more interesting. If you're feeling the 1820s vibe, dress up in a Victorian gown and preside over your attic. On one side, there should be various torture devices from your "Chamber of Horrors," and on the other, your vanity mirror. Put some perfumes and containers with red liquid in them on the counter along with a face brush. Don't forget the witch hats in the corner!

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