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How to Make Over White Plastic Lawn Chairs

Artists and DIYers Transform the Ubiquitous White Lawn Chair

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In any town, nearly anywhere across the world, you're likely to come across the ubiquitous white plastic lawn chair. This monoblock design can be stacked, left out in the rain, easily transported, and used for a variety of outdoor events, from tailgating to backyard parties. That said, it's a chair that I am endlessly tired of looking at — and I'll admit, there are a couple of these chairs hanging out in our basement. Given that we're into the Summer season, you can guarantee that you'll see many of these chairs around your neighborhood. If you're tired of looking at them, take heart. I've been wowed by the ways that artists and DIYers have taken inspiration from this rather uninspiring chair (you can see many of the redesigns lovingly cataloged on Functional Fate). Here are some of my favorites, from both the worlds of high art and everyday DIY.

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