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How to Make Valentine's Day Flowers Last

The Secret to Making Valentine's Day Flowers Last

If you're looking for a fantastic floral deal for Valentine's Day, you might want to consider The Bouqs, a start-up out of LA's Venice neighborhood, that offers gorgeous arrangements for a steal. If you order four days in advance, a beautiful bouquet will set you back $40 (yup, that includes delivery!) or $50 if you order the day before. Pretty good, right? While these flowers have a reputation for lasting (trust us, we've tried them), there's no harm in wanting them to last just a little bit longer. Chief floral designer for The Bouqs and florist to the stars Eric Buterbaugh has a few go-to tricks for stretching the life of your bouquet.

  • Cut your stems before you put them in water.
  • Eric insists that a fresh cut helps flowers to draw more water, which in turn, helps them to live longer.

  • Change the water every day.
  • If you don't change the water, Eric says it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

  • If all else fails, bust out this secret weapon.
  • If changing the water daily seems like too much work, put a couple of drops of bleach in the water. The bleach will fight the bacteria without killing the flowers.

Source: The Bouqs
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