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Assisted Living: Big Bag Dilemma

Assisted Living group member DStirk is fed up with her current method of storing her purses and is having an organizing dilemma:

OK, I am totally embarrassed to post this picture, but I have a real big bag dilemma/disaster in my closet. I have quite a few purses and I have no idea how to store them. Right now they are in a pile, half in their sleeper sacks, half not. I tried putting them on shelves, but they just kept falling off. I'm not a fan of hanging them on hooks, because I don't want the handles on my nicer bags to get ruined. What do I do? Does anyone have any suggestions for handbag storage? We're remodeling, so please excuse the awful mess, but this is making me nuts and I need help fast!

Ah, the age-old handbag dilemma — I know it well and have a few simple fixes to try. To see what they are, just

One idea is to hang your least pricey purses on hooks, and then place the others in stackable bins for your shelves. I like the Premimum Stacking Sweater Bins ($18) from The Container Store because they can be used for nearly anything and they're budget friendly. Not only are they stackable, but these clear bins also provide a neat and easy view of all your totes. If you're worried about the effects of leather on plastic, be sure to store those bags in the protective sacks they came with — Real Simple even suggests using an old pillow case. Another easy idea is to line them up like books on a shelf (or the top of your closet) and use old bookends to stand them up and sort them as you wish. This method may be less tidy, but it still does the trick.

Does anyone else have any tips for organizing handbags? Have a question of your own? Be sure to post photos and tales to the Assisted Living group!


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