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How to Position a Bed

Does Your Bed "Float" in Your Room?

In our home, the bed is tucked into a corner to preserve space, since the footprint of the room is decidedly small. Even if we had the space, I doubt that I'd be tempted to let the bed "float" in the room — that is, to place the bed so it isn't against any wall at all. Feng shui adherents aren't a fan of floating beds either, claiming that it creates negative energy in a room. Whether or not you ascribe to such ideas, a floating bed is rarely a practical choice for most standard bedrooms. I can see the look working in an open loft, or a room where the bed is the singular focus in the space. However, add in dressers, artwork, and other needed furniture pieces, and the look can get a bit messy.

What's your say? Are you a fan of the floating bed, or does the look not hold water with your personal tastes?


Elka-Karl Elka-Karl 6 years
Ah, thanks for all the tips! Great to learn more about this, BalancingWalls!
BalancingWalls BalancingWalls 6 years
I am a Feng Shui consultant and my bed does flow :-) Its the best position for the bed in my appartment, despite all the common FS rules. There are a few aspects that you might want to consider: - a headboard will give you a sense of security behind your head and you wont need a wall to lean against when you read, etc. - if the head of the bed faces a corner, you might want to place a lamp there ( or something that will 'close' it) - if the head of the bed faces a window, make sure that there are sufficient curtains to give you a sense of protection. There is such a thing as a 'Chi highway' between doors and windows that just makes it less pleasant to rest inbetween. Other than that: I sleep like a baby so if you think that this is the best and most inspiring position for your bed: go for it!
mauishopgirl mauishopgirl 6 years
My bed doesn't float right now but I can definitely see the possibilities but like many design/decor decisions, it depends on the space. You could put bookshelf behind a floating bed, then a desk up against the wall keeping your home office tucked away and out of site. Or how about a vanity dressing area. I think it can also look lovely to diagonally arrange a bed in a large room with big window, provides more warmth than having all the furniture along the walls. I love the picture here!
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