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How To: Renew Your Wood Furniture

As part of January's theme, Renewal, I'm bringing you How To posts that relate to renewing furniture you already own.

Wood furniture is a common feature in most every home, but without proper care, your wood surfaces can start to look drab and lifeless. Start to renew your furniture by polishing wood surfaces every week. This goes a long way toward protecting the finish from damage and ensuring that your wood tables, chairs, and dressers look their best. Avoid any polish that contains silicone or alcohol, as these can do permanent damage to a wood surface, as can any household cleaner that contains ammonia. I love the almondy scent of Method's Wood For Good polish. You can also make an excellent polish at home by combining lemon oil with 3 parts olive oil.

Besides polishing your wood, you should also take care to clean it regularly. Any table that regularly has cups or food on it should be cleaned with a mild soap, such as a diluted mixture of hand soap and water. If you are committed to keeping an antique piece of wood furniture looking beautiful, consider having it buffed and polished by a professional once a year.


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D2U D2U 7 years
Quality furniture restoration brings the beauty and integrity back to an original piece. That is why the Furniture Surgeon recommends restoring only the damaged or lost areas of any piece of furniture. We treat all types of wood using the best and most appropriate techniques. Each job receives our personal touch, renewing the beauty of the piece and adding to its durability. Our restoration process includes: • Meticulous cleaning. Missing parts fabricated and replaced (i.e. decorative ornaments, hardware, drawers and legs), touch-ups, color blending and matching. • French polishing. • Extermination. Refinishing is an ideal solution when the existing finish is damaged or a new look or color is desired. Our refinishing process includes: • Old finish removed by hand. Stained and color toned for a perfect match, or as specified. Each layer of material is hand polished for a flawless finish. • Each finish sealed by layered coats of protective material for beauty and durability.
Row-D Row-D 9 years
Thanks! I have to admit, i use the Method stuff, but really had no idea if it was truly good for my beloved Heywood Wakefield sidetable!
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i use mineral oil sold in ikea on my unfinished dining table but on my teak pieces i use a darker wood polish. i need to clean my pieces now that i've moved in.
Nickey Nickey 9 years
Thank you Carri! I'll give that a try.
Carri Carri 9 years
Nickey- I'd go to an antique store in the area and ask them. I did that with a piece that I have and they told me exactly how to restore it. Good luck!
Nickey Nickey 9 years
I have some antique dressers that I bought on craigslist. They have some scraps on the tops and around the edges of the drawers. Is there anything that I can do short of striping them completely to fix the damage? I really like the color of the furniture now and they're so unique that I don't really think I can reproduce it. Any suggestions would be great...
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Great tips!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
So true! I make sure to clean all the wood furniture once a week so it's nice and shinny!
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