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How to Stop Junk Mail

Banish Junk Mail With This Free Service

At one point in my life, I loved checking my mailbox. Who knew what might be in there? A letter from my BFF in London, a package from my dad, or perhaps a postcard from a traveling pal. But now that email is the norm for communicating with far-flung friends and relatives, I no longer look forward to my nightly mailbox ritual. I actually dread it, because it's usually just another task. I'd say that at least half of the mail in the mailbox now goes directly to the recycling bin. From flyers to credit offers to unwanted catalogs, there's little I actually want to read in my mailbox nowadays. If you're plagued by the same issue, good news: there's a free service that will help you eliminate the unwanted mail lurking in your mailbox. Catalog Choice, a nonprofit organization based in Berkeley, CA, can help you reclaim your mailbox from the glut of junk mail it's currently experiencing.

After you sign up for a free account, you can search a long list of catalogs, phone books, coupons, credit offers, and other unsolicited mail and tell Catalog Choice what you don’t want to receive. Catalog Choice will handle the rest, opting you out of the mailings you’ve identified and ensuring marketers honor those requests.

I signed up for the service and opted out of many national catalogs that have crept into my mailbox in the past year. Have you tried this service? What was your experience like?

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