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Recently, one of our readers wrote in asking, "I'm a college student moving into a room in an apartment with no closet — any open-closet ideas?" I posed this question to our Facebook friends, and did they ever come through! Check out some of the great ideas our readers had for dealing with a bedroom that's missing the standard closet.

  • Ronda recommended, "Learn how to fold neatly. Install shelving units along one wall and use pretty baskets to store things in. If you have things that you just can't fold, you can buy a wardrobe closet. You can get metal ones really cheap at a second-hand store or Goodwill. Sand it down and paint it, let your imagination run wild . . . paint, stencils, contact paper.
  • Rue magazine wrote, "Yes! Cupcakes and Cashmere has the perfect solution — a showroom-style garment rack that makes your space feel like a glam fashion studio!
  • Tara noted, "This is my favorite idea ever, it's an open-shelving system complete with rack for hanging clothes."
  • Lumens Light + Living shared, "I had no closet in my grad school apartment! One word: Ikea. I bought a big Lack shelf to section off a corner then put a wardrobe rack next to the dresser. It made it feel like its own little dressing area. That was for a big studio though — for a room, Ikea still has some great and inexpensive armoires that close up."
  • Kristian said, "I actually have this same dilemma in my room. I chose the far wall to install a closet organizer system (I went with simple wire shelving from Lowe's), and then hung curtains in front of it. I like it so much, I may never bother having a proper closet built in."
  • Dharti recommended, "If an armoire is not an option, I've worked with two tallish dressers with tension rods between them to hang some clothes. They are tension rods and could only take so much weight, so only the fancy silk tops and dresses got to hang."
  • Krisanda suggested trying a "free standing tension rod closet. It has different levels."
  • Emily added, "Definitely get some of those transparent plastic containers that fit right under your bed!"

Do you have more solutions? Add them in the comments!


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