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How to Store a Wool Rug

This weekend, after my baby grabbed a bowl of applesauce (which I thought was out of his reach) and threw it all over the wool rug in our dining room, I decided that we had to either move or store the rug. On loan from my mother-in-law, the rug is a deep, plush Persian rug that's quite valuable. The last thing I want to do is explain why it's now dappled with numerous baby-related stains!

Since it's most likely we'll store the rug, I thought it would be prudent to research exactly what this process entails. Check out these tips for storing a wool rug.

  • Have the rug cleaned before you store it. You can do this yourself, or take it to a rug cleaning store (common in larger cities) for a professional cleaning. If a rug is not shampooed, moths or vermin may chew holes in it.
  • Treat the front and back of your rug with a fabric-safe moth repellent.
  • If your rug is quite plush, you should store it by rolling it tightly around a wooden dowel. If it is a flat-weave rug, fold your rug in thirds, then in half, and roll and tie it.
  • The best place to store your wool rug is in a climate-controlled environment. This may mean simply rolling it up and keeping it behind a sofa or bed in a guest room. However, many homes are too small to allow for this type of storage.
  • To see the rest of my tips,


  • If you must store your rug in a basement, garage, or attic, choose the place with the least amount of heat and humidity. Elevate the rug off the floor.
  • Wrap the rug  in a natural fabric, such as a canvas dropcloth or cotton sheet. Do not wrap it completely in plastic. Wool rugs need to breathe.
  • Plan on checking on your rug every three to six months. This way you can monitor it for mildew or heat damage and re-apply moth crystals to it.
  • The best option for storing a wool rug, however, is to "store" it at someone else's house. This way there's a very small chance that your rug will get mildew or moth damage. So, before you go through these steps, call around and see if any of your rug-less friends might want to keep your rug at their home for a while. Just make sure they don't host sloppy keg parties or entertain messy babies at their home!
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