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How to Wash and Dry Your Plastic Baggies

Casa Verde: Dry Your Bags on the Line

Washing and reusing your plastic bags is an easy way to make your kitchen greener, and it saves you some green, too. But washing them with hot water and soap is the easy part; drying the baggies is more difficult. You can invest in a Countertop Bag Dryer ($20) or make your own from a thrifted toothbrush holder and sticks.

The important thing is to let the interior of the bag air out. Lately, I've found that hanging my plastic bags on a clothesline is a surefire way to get them dry fast. I use a stretchy Portable Clothesline ($10), but you can also affix clothespins to a bungee cord, fishing line, or any type of rope. I recommend stringing it above your kitchen sink so the water has somewhere to drip.

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c4rolin3 c4rolin3 7 years
i do wash out plastic bags but it completely depends what's been in them if it's been raw meat, even to put other raw meat into it i'm a bit funny like that! those organic bags are cute :) but again depends what you'd be using them for
carolynz carolynz 7 years
Turn off the heated dry on your dishwasher- it will save a ton of energy and then you can run the plastic bags through the top rack of your dishwasher w/o much issue. They will be sterilized too. If you open your dishwasher when the wash cycle is done and crack a window in your kitchen, then the humidity will go out the window and your stuff will dry pretty quickly! Also in the winter this will help add some warm humid air to a dry house or apartment!
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 7 years
For the record, I'm not saying there should be any shame in it. All my life I've known my grandmother to wash and reuse plastic plates until they break, since her house is always where we have family gatherings and she doesn't use her "real" plates for large get-togethers. I just know that some people might not want to deal with judgments passed on them for washing and reusing items that are intended to be tossed after one use. :P
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 7 years
Another great option? Reusable sandwich bags: They might be more pricey versus the disposable ones, but since the disposable ones will need to be thrown away eventually, why not get ones that will last much longer? Plus, they're super-cute, so if you're the type of person too self-conscious to let your friends see that you're drying out and reusing plastic bags, there'll be no shame in hanging these up to dry via casasugar's suggestions lol.
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