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How Well Do You Know '80s Design?

How Well Do You Know '80s Design?

When most of us look back at the '80s, we see it as a eyesore: big hair, leggings, puffy sleeves, the Bangles. We certainly don't celebrate 1980s fashion design unless sarcastically — with Jacko and Madonna playing in the background. But when you're talking about '80s interior design, there are plenty of things to rave about. So, I want to know how well you know '80s design. Take this quiz to find out!

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In 1988, who did nightclub maestro Ian Schrager, former co-owner of Studio 54, hire to redesign the Royalton Hotel in New York, effectively launching the first "boutique hotel?"

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Which Italian designed the Pratt Chair (shown here), which sits in the MoMa Collection?

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In 1981, Ettore Sottsass (then 64) and a group of young international designers formed a highly influential Italian design collective named after which American city?

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Designed by Ron Arad in 1986, this volumetric chair is called the ______________.

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Which design luminary designed this chair after teaching himself how to weld in the early 1980s after dropping out of art school?

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Japanese all-star designer Shiro Kuramata is known best for his work with __________.

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At the 1988 Deutsche Werkstatt exhibition in Berlin, who unveiled an installation of a replica room made entirely from plywood?

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BalooB BalooB 8 years
I only got 4/7, but that's mostly through reading and gut instinct- I had only just turned 4 at the end of the 80s.
sumomum sumomum 8 years
I'll stick with my comfy chair, some of those 80's chairs were for looking at not sitting in.
nancita nancita 8 years
That was such a surprisingly awesome quiz. Maybe that is because I am surprised by how awesome I did. I mean, I didn't get 100%, but I was delighted how far my rudimentary knowledge took me.
mfern64 mfern64 8 years
The 80s were my prime years, but I don't know nuthin' about 80s design apparently.
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