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How Would You . . .

For the next round of this challenge, I'd like you to look at this Decorative Crystal Glass Ware ($550) from the Czech Republic. Now, imagine that you've been asked to integrate this glass ware into the decorating scheme of a good friend's bridal shower. How could you use this crystal glass ware at a shower? Yes, they'd be great as vases, but how would you make them stand out? What else could you use them for? How might you change them to really amaze the guests and bride-to-be? Tell me by commenting below!

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Lynne Lynne 9 years
For the big bowl and tall vase, I see putting glass stones in the bottome, filled with water and floating flower petals or candles. The small bowls I see filled with mints, the pastel kind you find at baby/wedding showers. The two vases that look similar I see used for votive candles. The vase to the far right with the outturned rim, I see also containing glass stones, used to hold pens/pencils next to stationary for a sign-in/message board/card holder type thing.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 9 years
Tall vase - Use with long stemmed white roses. Large bowl - I'll stack white meringues in a pyramid style to contrast with the structure of the bowl. Small bowls - Use them for different types of dips. Short vases - I'll use them for candles. Tulip shaped vase - I'll fill with those chocolate filled wafer sticks. Can't remember what they're called. I would place this on a beautiful marble top buffet with complimenting wines and other hors d'oeuvres.
lukal lukal 9 years
I'd use long stemmed white roses in some of the vases and gardenias in the saucers. The large bowl could be filled with fresh fruit - strawberries, kiwis, large lucious blackberries - sprinkled with powdered sugar. These pieces would look lovely with white china and silver flatware. I also have a white star-shaped quilt table runner that would really set it off. Serve a platter of pinwheel roll-ups with great coffee and wine.
justjaime27 justjaime27 9 years
I would use them together in a way to give them height and also multiple uses...perhaps turn one upside down, and place another on top of it, right-side up, filling it with flowers. Or, I'd take the taller vases, place it inside the bowl-shaped vase, put white flowers inside the vase that's in the bowl, and perhaps a different color or type of flower or even greenery inside the bowl part, around the vase in the Am I confusing anyone yet? I'd take the small tiny ones, place them against a wall and use them as votive or tealight holders - I bet they'd give beautiful reflections of light onto the wall. Or, use the small ones for either candy like mentioned above, or even dips... You could use the bowl shaped vase to hold the shower favors... As for decorating around the vases, I'd definitely use either yellow, white or black tablecloths, and for flowers perhaps white calla lilies, yellow tulips, strong, modern looking flowers that would really stand out. I'd dress the vases & tables up a little by asking bridesmaids or close family members to lend you their REAL silver...or if anyone has plain white china, that'd be pretty'd pop over a black tablecloth...then with the black tablecloth use yellow cloth napkins. Or, keep it casual and go hit your local party store! :) Maybe you could find some kick butt black & white damask paper cocktail napkins...who says you need to stick with only one pattern? Make it fun, hey, it could be like a mad-hatter party! Ok, I'm getting carried Sorry, I LOVE decorating parties! lol One last crazy idea would be to use the bowl as a lamp shade over maybe a clear vase, which would include one or a few of those fake candles (obviously they'd have to be fake...I think they're called LED lights?). Or, just turn whatever vases you want upside down, place a led light under it, and wala! Oh the ideas!!! :) So much fun! Black, yellow and white colors are SO in for weddings right's awesome!
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 9 years
The large piece to the far left looks large enough to use for cards on the gift table. The small bowls could be great with candles in them. I could also see using all of them as serving pieces on the buffet line. I love, love, love ewray's idea for a candy buffet!
ewray4381 ewray4381 9 years
You could arrange them on a seperate table and fill each with a different kind of candy. I'm very detail-oriented, so I'd probably find black, white and green candies. Then place some cute little boxes or bags on the table and let guests help themselves to the goodies. It's a fun way to ensure that guests like their favors! I would probably have a bold tablecloth (green or black) and sparkley confetti and candles or flower petals scattered between the vases.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I love these!
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