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If you were to stop and go through the quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies weighing down your purse or cluttering up your car cup holder, how much do you think you'd collect? $10? $25? Well, according to the experts at Coinstar, the average amount cashed in for eCertificates and/or gift cards at their coin kiosks is a whopping $56 — twice as much as people think they have. Talk about a nice, unexpected chunk of change as we head into the holiday season (especially since so many of us go over budget on holiday shopping!).

Our advice to you: make every coin count! Take a few minutes to grab all the spare change "jingle-belling" in your purses, pockets, car, and desk drawers, then hit your local Coinstar kiosk, where you can turn the contents of your coin jar into cash or no-fee eCertificates from popular brands, including Amazon, iTunes, Gap, and Starbucks. Click here to find the Coinstar kiosk closest to you.

Now that you know there might be more change lying around than you think, what would you do with those extra pennies this holiday?

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