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The Easiest Ways to Embrace the Jungalow Trend

Feb 5 2015 - 4:04am

Air-quality benefits [1] aside, decorating with plants is one of the easiest ways to make a home feel more lived-in and relaxed. Thanks to some clever decorating tools and tricks, even yard-less urbanites can create a lush indoor garden. From design-forward planters to outside-the-box styling, these ideas will inspire you to create your own indoor jungle!

Source: Justina Blakeney [2]

Going Mod

These minimal ceramic wall planters [3] ($19-$69) by Shane Powers for West Elm turn plants into works of art. Bonus: orchid-lovers will get a kick out of the specially designed aerated versions!


Weathered driftwood is perfect for holding anything from moss to air plants. Hit up Etsy for beautiful versions like this driftwood planter [4] ($24).

Source: Instagram user typefiend [5]

Standing Tall

If you want to ensure that your plants make a statement, then try placing them in stands of varying heights. Ferm Living's brass pots [6] ($40 each) make a particularly striking partner.

Source: Ferm Living [7]


Create dimension and height with a floating shelf — the look is so simple and streamlined, all you'll notice is the plants.

Source: Instagram user jeanasohn [8]

Bench Mark

Another trick for raising plants from ground level is to line them up on a bench. The narrow width won't take up much space but will make a huge impact. Check out Emily Henderson's step-by-step tutorial for creating this indoor garden [9]!

Photo by Laure Joliet [10] via Emily Henderson [11]


If you're looking for an idea that makes an impact on a smaller scale, then try clustering a few plants on a small trunk or side table. Tip: choosing plants and planters in varying textures and heights will create visual interest.

Photo by Zeke Ruelas [12] via Emily Henderson [13]

Chair Trick

If you have a vintage chair that you enjoy looking at more than sitting in, then consider using it as a plant stand to put both on display.

Source: Västanhem [14]


Place a woolly pocket planter inside a vintage frame, and you'll have instant wall magic.

Source: Teri Lyn Fisher [15]

Pocket Drawers

If you're struggling with ideas for how to put that vintage apothecary or card catalog [16] to good use, then consider pulling a couple of the drawers out and filling them with plants.

Source: Justina Blakeney [17]

Brass Beauty

Think of it as a sconce for your plants — these geometric planters [18] ($75 and up) add a touch of glam to that green thumb. Check out even more jungalow-inspired moments in this design blogger's house tour [19]!

Source: Justina Blakeney [20]

Shelf It

Apartment 34 [21] founder Erin Hiemstra displayed ferns in a cubby-style wall unit in this Sunset house tour [22] to create a cool floating visual.

Source: Sunset / Spencer Toy [23]

Green Taxidermy?

Staghorn Ferns [24] replace traditional antlers in this serene setting.

Source: Domino [25]

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