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Ikea or Designer Quiz

Ikea or Designer?

It takes someone with an eye to perfectly piece together a side table from Ikea, a pair of chairs from Design Within Reach, and a console from the local flea market. It also takes a special set of eyes to know what is what. If you're an Ikea hacker, there's no foolin' you. Take my quiz to see if you can spot an Ikea piece from the rest.

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Chairs and table: Ikea or designer?

2 of 10

Mirror: Ikea or designer?

3 of 10

Chair: Ikea or designer?

4 of 10

Napkin holder: Ikea or designer?

5 of 10

Headboard: Ikea or designer?

6 of 10

Leather chair: Ikea or designer?

7 of 10

Sink cabinet: Ikea or designer?

8 of 10

Chair: Ikea or designer?

9 of 10

Table lamp: Ikea or designer?

10 of 10

Wooden chair: Ikea or designer?

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mslewis mslewis 6 years
OOPS!! Didn't realize this was done MONTHS ago!! HA!!
mslewis mslewis 6 years
Anna, I don't think anyone is trying to be elitist. Casasugar was just using the term "designer" for this quiz. Do you think maybe "Ikea" and "other" should have been used instead? Anyway, I love Ikea and would much rather buy from there because you get such nice, modern pieces for not a lot of money and when your taste changes (or you just get tired of the style you have) you can just give the stuff away without feeling guilty. For instance . . . I picked that table lamp as Ikea because I could have sworn I saw it in the catalog. Turned out to be a "designer" piece costing well over $1000!! WHY? Why would anybody want to spend that much money for a table lamp? If you are a millionaire, then I bow to you and understand, but for us working people, I don't see the point. Anyway, fun quiz.
starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
I second everything Anna said!
DomesticDiva DomesticDiva 7 years
It's Ikea with Design I actually have this table set its so perfect for a small place and with our lil guy no bumping against glass or sharp corners.. love love love it. We purchased it for our small apt and now that we have our first home its in our kitchen.. Love it still..
CurleyQ CurleyQ 7 years
I cant understand just because its a "designer" they can charge exorbitant amounts of money for it. I got a couple wrong because they were so simple in design it couldve been from Ikea. I prefer Ikea any day to these over priced items. If you can get something close to its look without having to use a credit card to pay for it...Im all for buying cheap.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
This made me realize I spend way too much time at IKEA. :p
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Eh, I did OK, but I think it's much easier to tell the difference (in quality, materials, construction, etc.) in person.
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