11 Brilliant Ways to Make Ikea Furniture Look Expensive

Nov 3 2015 - 12:05pm

Who doesn't love a good Ikea transformation? There seems to be an Ikea conversion project for everyone, whether you're customizing a sofa, a media center, or even a bench. Looking over the many Ikea projects [1] we have featured on POPSUGAR, it seems each before and after falls into one of these 11 categories. If you're looking to update or transform an Ikea piece in your own home, read through to find a bolt of inspiration.

Sew It

If you're feeling truly inspired, break out your needle and thread. It's possible to create a stunning seating area [2] by transforming a plain old Ikea bench with basic sewing skills.

Gilt It

Looking to add some glitz and glam to your Ikea? The Everygirl [3] has the scoop on how to apply gold leaf to the legs of Ikea furniture.

Paint It

Think outside the box when it comes to painting Ikea pieces. Instead of going for a whole new color, do as My Fabuless Life [4] did and create a dip effect with a contrasting color.

Cover It

If you don't like the look of an Ikea piece, change the front! Inspired by a piece from West Elm, Place of My Taste [5] covered an Ikea buffet in reclaimed wood — with spectacular results!

Double It

Looking for a statement piece to decorate a side table, Kristi Murphy [6] cleverly used two Ikea trays to make a chic box.

Embellish It

Add pizzazz to a cabinet or console by swapping in chic and unique new knobs. Victoria Elizabeth Designs [7] decided to upgrade Ikea cabinets with lovely agate knobs.

Stain It

Many Ikea pieces come unfinished, so a simple coat of stain [8] can make a world of difference.

Embed It

One of the most expensive-looking Ikea customization projects we've ever seen is this built-in bookcase, which was essentially embedded underneath molding. Read all about the awesome project at The Makerista [9].

Add New Feet to It

One easy way to upgrade and customize Ikea pieces is by changing the feet [10], as seen on this Ikea couch.

Redesign It

Sarah Hearts [11] let her creativity shine through when she designed and painted her own custom throw pillows using white Ikea items.

Add to It

Take any Ikea item, and add your own spin! The team at A Beautiful Mess [12] added pom-poms to make these curtains extraspecial.

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