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Ikea History and Facts Quiz

Are You an Ikea Buff?

Chances are, you've spent some time winding through Ikea, decoding the Swedish product names and picking out inexpensive knickknacks and furniture to outfit your dorm, apartment, or home. But how well do you know the Swedish powerhouse? Take this quiz to see if you truly know Ikea, from Absorb to Zita.

Source: Flickr User midorisyu

Are You an Ikea Buff?

T/F: Ingvar Kamprad is a bar stool with a backrest.

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Frenched Frenched 7 years
2 out of 10 questions correctly. How horrible. I shop there way too much, though.
postingh postingh 7 years
I've never stepped foot in an Ikea store.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
Personally, I know practically nothing about the company's background. I'm just familiar with its products.
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 7 years
7/10 ain't bad!
Yesi-Jukebox Yesi-Jukebox 7 years
I wont even reveal my score for how embarrassing it is! I love Ikea though, I thought this quiz was to identify the product, I could've nailed that one lol
supercoolnat supercoolnat 7 years
Man, I'm disappointed in myself. At least I knew that IKEA was acronym having to do with the founder - I just didn't know what his name was.
PiNkY-PiNk PiNkY-PiNk 7 years
I'm gonna be moving in with my bf in the next couple weeks so I've been living at ikea! Lol. Sucks I got so many wrong though. I love ikea.
starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
Wow...I sucked at this. But I went to Ikea today and I was wondering what Ikea stands for and I bought the Zita potholders!
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