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Ikea Kramfors Sofa

The Woeful Disappearance of the Kramfors Sofa

When I came across this photograph in Skona Hem, I did a double take. This room is so luxurious, moody, and glamorous, that I had a hard time recognizing that its main furniture components were from Ikea, a store better known for its affordable, practical items. After going through the store's website, I remembered that I hadn't seen this particular sofa line, the Kramfors, in a long while — in fact, it's been discontinued for over a year.

According to an Ikea representative I contacted, "Kramfors was discontinued in the US in Spring 2009. Its discontinuation was not affected by the Kivik. There are no current plans for Kramfors to return to the line."

I'm always disappointed when a favorite item or line either is discontinued or taken out of production. This is definitely true for the Kramfors. While the Kivik series offers some good-looking options for sofas and lounges, in my eyes, nothing can replace the mod lines of the Kramfors. It's also a near match for a much more expensive sofa. Curious as to which one? Then read more.

The Cini Boeri sofa retails for over $5,000, and while I'm sure there are plenty of reasons why the price point is so much higher (the Kramfors sold for under $1,000), it's impossible to deny the similarity between the two sofas.

Do you have a Kramfors? What's been your experience with the sofa?

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