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Inspired: John Singer Sargent's El Jaleo Painting

Inspired: John Singer Sargent's El Jaleo Painting

In our new Assisted Living group, CasaSugar Community member BrendaStar asked for ideas about how she can decorate her living room using John Singer Sargent's El Jaleo oil painting as inspiration.

Since the flamenco dancer's full, light blue skirt in the foreground is the focal point, I think BrendaStar would be crazy not to integrate some blue silk dupioni drapes to capture that same texture and movement. The dancer's orangey-red dress to the right is also such a great color; I'd bring that hue in with a Louis XV side chair. One of the greatest things about this painting is the juxtaposition of high and low: the dancers look quite sophisticated, yet they're in a room with worn wood floors and decaying walls. So I'd pair those elegant silk panels with a salvaged wood coffee table and a black chandelier that's very simple and understated. Then, to continue the guitar-playing and dancing theme, I'd frame some antique music sheets.

How would you decorate inspired by this painting? Please give your suggestions for BrendaStar below! And don't forget to submit your own questions to our Assisted Living group.

Maryline Maryline 7 years
Here is a glimpse of what I had in mind
Maryline Maryline 7 years
I am in love with warm colors and making a warm comfortable environments. I would get a bold sofa (brick or dark red), to emphasize the red on the painting, get some grey/white and yellow accents to work with the skirt of the woman and the low light on the painting.
nikkeeb nikkeeb 7 years
to me the key feature of this painting is the richness of the fabric of the woman's skirt, so a key piece for me in the living room would be luxurious drapes. maybe even homemade drapes of a thick satin or velvet, etc. i'd definitely say to stick with warm colors,'s a very inviting painting, and i think cool colors would conflict with that feeling.
lauren lauren 7 years
Great photo and I think you definately could use this as inspiration for a room! I would say stick to a lot of neutrals like blacks, browns and beige. Use that wonderful reddish terracotta color as your pop colors! Pillows and other accents! Good luck and can't wait to see it!
Zyada Zyada 7 years
I have this exact picture in my living room: I may not be the best decorating muse (yes, there are two toy dragons on my piano), but this is how I've decorated my living room: Black faux leather couch, Dark tapestry upholstery on the chair. Musical instruments as decor (a doumbek is on the piano; I also have a tamborine and a bodhran) A stone and wood coffee table (from World Market). The carpet is currently a cream berber, but I want to replace it with a light colored laminate when I get the money. All of my tchotchkes are either gifts or come from my passion for dancing or dragons.
Samantha-Stansbridge Samantha-Stansbridge 7 years
First of all you need to decide if you want this painting to set the whole feel of the room? (it looks like some spanish dancing going on there), or do you want the painting to be a real contrast in the room? Do you prefer traditional or modern. What colours do you like in the painting, its got some lovely orange/redie/pinks going on to the right of the picture, you could use these colours for soft furnishing and accessories to pick out the colours.
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