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Interior Designer Kenneth Bordewick Designs the Golden Globes Presenters Lounge With a Big Budget

Celebrity interior designer Kenneth Bordewick, who's decorated the homes of Paul McCartney, the Jonas Brothers, and Mariah Carey to name a few, has been pegged to design this year's Golden Globe Awards Presenters Lounge. The room will be visited by a few dozen of Hollywood's favorite celebrities Sunday night before they walk onstage to present the award show's iconic golden globe statuettes. So Bordewick's theme, "the glamorous luxury of Hollywood's Golden Age with the glitter of today's top stars," is only fitting.

Although the room will only be used for one evening, he's working with a big budget. Some of the furnishings include vintage Renea Lalique pieces valued at $800,000, a Moura Starr leather sofa and black crystal coffee table valued at $400,000, a bronze sculpture by famed artist Gilad Ben-Atzi, and hand-embroidered black and white silk drapes valued at $25,000. He's also borrowed a few pieces of artwork from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation and the Yehoshua Kovarsky Family Trust estimated to be worth more than $1 million. All in all, the room's furnishings will be outfitted with more than $2.2 million in furnishings! And I thought red carpet dresses cost an arm and a leg!

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Asche Asche 7 years
Me dearest Kenneth, I was not rude above, nor was I rude in my e-mail to you. In fact, I feel I was quite assertive, and still believe it is unprofessional to continue to comment on this issue on a gossip site. With that said, I am posting my response to your e-mail (the exact same e-mail you sent to Lizless). Furthermore, what comments were untrue?. xo Asche. E-MAIL to Kenneth, dated January 24th: Dear Kenneth, While I appreciate you 'clearing up the rumors,' I regret to inform you that I will not be e-mailing the site to take down my comment. I actually find it a bit unprofessional that you have chosen to contact and requested that I e-mail you and/or directly contact you via your firm. My comment was of general displeasure for these unnecessary displays of grandeur, and less about your personal company, and more about large companies such as NBC or the Foreign Press. The beauty of living in the western world is that we all have the freedom to form our own opinions. And, in my opinion, it is irresponsible for corporations like NBC to commission gifting suites and lounges, while only donating $500,000 to relief efforts (the last figure I read, but maybe they decided to not be so greedy and gave more). Furthermore, although most of the items were gifted (which I'm not naive enough to think they weren't, as a pointed out in my comment I believe), I'm sure there was a large construction bill, etc to accompany your design. For a company trying to promote environmental issues, it all just seems very wasteful and"un-green" of NBC. So, I wish you well and a continuation of your illustrious career--I really do find your designs breathtaking, despite my opinion of the Golden Globes. Sincerely, Asche
kennethbdesigns kennethbdesigns 7 years
I sent an email to the first comment listed above and the person who made the comment was very rude. Im sure there are other reasons this person needs to unload on this site, I just wish the person would be clear on what they are. Because the comments made were untrue. Sincerely Kenneth Bordewick
kennethbdesigns kennethbdesigns 7 years
Dearest Lizlee Thank you for posting my email... I would still love to speak to you, Please give me a call. I included my phone number in the email that I sent to you. I think it is important that all of us question. You did and then you did a good thing. You shared the facts. Thank you again. Kenneth Bordewick
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
CasaSugar; I actually recieved an email from Kenneth B Designs which informed me that, although the designer was given such a large budget, the money was used only to insure all the furniture and decorations which were loaned. In addition, a lot of money is raised through the event. This makes for a whole different story. Here is a copy of the email: Dearest Lizlee, my name is Kenneth Bordewick. I would like to assure you of a few things and I would be willing to prove the truth. All items in my room were loaned. No money was spent to purchase anything in my rooms. My company spent $1,329.00 on an insurance policy to cover my crew as well as items loaned while they were in my care. The award show raised a few million dollars for charity and the cost of the event was much less than was raised. This is common when trying to raise money for charity. As long as more money is raised than spent it's a good thing. I myself raised money by having Sofia Loren sign the sofa in the presenters lounge and then auctioning it off. The auction has not ended yet. When it finished we expect more than $50,000.00 to go to charity. Most of the award shows raise money and really to help the economy. People are employed. Money is spent. Companies are used. These are things that should be thought about before judgements are made. Thank you. Sincerely Kenneth Bordewick Obviously I don't know anything for sure; but he seems sincere. I don't think it's crazy for anyone to think otherwise; but as a journalist, isn't it important to find out all the facts and offer an unbiased story? Now that I have read this email; I can honestly say that I am much less pessimistic about awards shows and their purposes...
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
Asche; I've been saying that for years - Hollywood claims to care so much and yet every year they spend this times 5 (just think of how much money they must spend to throw themselves these big "look at me" parties - factor in the clothing, food, decorations, press coverage, servers and so much else) for what? PROBABLY 10 DIFFERENT AWARDS SHOWS!!! It's so wasteful; natural disaster in another country or not...
Asche Asche 7 years
Here's a thought. Decorate the presenters lounge for, say, $1 million and donate the leftover $1.2 to a Haitian relief fund. Earthquake aside, it really disgusts me that they spend that amount of money on one room for one day in the midst of the economic crisis.
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